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Backordered Part Guidelines

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If a part is not available it is automatically placed on backorder. In the instance of a part being placed on backorder you will be contacted by the Ken’s Sports support staff via phone or email. At the time of contact by Ken’s we will provide you with an estimated time of arrival for the part if available.

From there the backordered part can be canceled or the order can be put on hold until the part arrives.

It is Ken’s Sports policy to ship what is available for the order out initially and then subsequently ship the backordered part once it becomes available, however this is done at the discretion of Ken’s. It certain instances the buyer may be responsible for the additional shipping cost for Ken’s to ship the backordered part separate from the original order.

Ken’s understand the difficulty of having a backordered part and will work with customers to possibly rectify the situation if other opportunities present themselves, such as used or aftermarket parts options (Ken's has several used parts available!).

Ken’s cannot guarantee that estimated time of availability provided for parts is accurate as this is done at the discretion of the manufacturer. The manufacturer may have items available before the ETA or may even push the ETA back!

Discontinued Parts:

If a part ordered is no longer available (NLA) Ken's Sports will attempt to call you, the customer, to notify you of the fact via phone or email. Ken's will work with you to find a part, accessory, or clothing item that will effectively replace the unavailable item, or the item may just be refunded and the remainder of the order will proceed into shipment.